¡Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas, everyone! We’re celebrating the birthday of a kid who grew up to change the world, after all ~ and here are some stories about some kids who have changed mine. As I’ve had some time at home to rest and recover, I’ve been thinking a lot about the work with the kids I’ve … More ¡Feliz Navidad!

Cafecita con Elma

Hello everyone  🙂 thanks for checking in! The last time we talked, I had just moved from the barrio La Santisima to Santa Sicilia; I still visit my first host family, neighbors and friends in the first neighborhood, but have changed mailing addresses. In a lot of ways, moving back to Santa Sicilia felt a … More Cafecita con Elma

November Newsletter!

Hey everybody! It’s been a while, and a lot’s been going on ~ after some big transitions here in Tepoztlán, I’m happy to say that I’m back to weekly blog posts and monthly newsletters back home. This one comes with a big thanks to: my Mexico cohort for an amazing Thanksgiving away from home, St. John’s … More November Newsletter!

Loco por “Coco”

¡Feliz domingo de México! It’s amazing to believe we’re entering November. After all the adjustments and extreme emotions of the first few weeks, I’m starting to feel really comfortable living here in Tepoztlán. It’s been an adventure and absolute blast–not despite its difficult moments but because of them. Things that once seemed so hard are … More Loco por “Coco”

La Dia de Independencia

Yesterday we celebrated Mexico’s Independence Day! [ In case you’re wondering why we don’t celebrate in May, a quick explanation: Cinco de Mayo commemorates a battle victory where Mexico fended off imperialist forces (but as the phrase goes, they ‘won the battle but lost the war’). September 16th marks the beginning of a new government … More La Dia de Independencia